About me…I have a hard time with about you’s because the information about me that I think is important is hardly ever the information about me that you think is important. I blame people’s misunderstandings of my jokes and pop culture (I use this term loosely) references on my passion for earlier era’s and their own vague interest in 50’s sitcoms and 60’s music. I love antique stores and am currently searching for a functioning and cheap(ish) record player. My favorite place to eat is this diner where they only play Elvis music or anything that sounds like the Platters, the cook comes out and talks to you and pictures of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, and James Dean are plastered to the walls. I have a reoccurring dream where I’m trapped with a childhood friend in a foreign car on a vividly green hillside in Ireland by an evil lady who looks like she was a model 20 years ago. For some reason, we never escape but end up in a diner/sandwich shop in the middle of a park in Tucson. I intend to change jobs at least 15 times and am sad that one of my future dream occupations is slowly becoming obsolete thanks to Netflix and Redbox (I want to work at a video store). I hate cold weather unless it’s snowing because snow is the only redeeming quality of bitter weather. I am the Princess of sweat pants only because my mother refuses to relinquish her throne. And I have a secret passion for all gym-membership-esque classes (i.e. step aerobics, yoga, zumba).


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